Strengthening your network foundations thanks to a DDI appliance

The significant growth of devices, applications, VLANs, as well as virtualization and mobility has significantly increased the complexity of IT infrastructure. Consequently, all these new IP resources need to be managed in a way that reflects the modern enterprise network environment. DDI appliances can provide more visibility, control and reliability to the network, thus facilitating the tasks associated to its management.

Automating your network with a DDI appliance


The third platform has increased the challenges an enterprise has to handle. Besides, many organizations still lack modern DDI appliances to properly manage a growing number of IP resources. Managing all these IP addresses can indeed become a burden for a company- both financially and operationally. Many system administrators still use spreadsheets to manage them; a limited solution that involves great risks and can be costly for the company, especially when it has to deal with a large number of IP addresses. This inefficient way of managing a network has become outdated now.


DDI appliances make the network more secure, automated and simple to maintain, as they manage DNS-DHCP-IPAM in a single operation. It therefore provides more visibility (of both hardware and virtual devices), consistency, and unifies management across the whole network. Reliable and highly secure, DDI appliances significantly simplify the delegation to non-expert administrators.


In order to remain competitive, every organization has to improve its agility, but it can only be agile when its network foundation is. Automation is the key element of DDI appliances, and will help companies reach this goal more easily. Automation eliminates manual errors, quickly identifies unused IPs, avoid buying costly devices, and automates all network’s configurations. As a result, DDI appliances enhance teamwork efficiency.

Bring visibility, control and reliability to your network

A DDI appliance simplifies the integration of DNS-DHCP servers, thus reducing the complexity of configurations, and especially the risks of misconfigurations. In other words, it efficiently supports business imperatives. A ROI report, conducted by DDI vendor EfficientIP, revealed that their technology has helped their customers increase their productivity by 400% on average.


Their integrated solution, SOLIDserver, strengthens network foundations by providing more agility, reliability and security to the network infrastructure. This DDI appliance manages in a single process the services of DNS, DHCP and IPAM, which has many advantages on the network:


  • It anticipates problems with a consistent monitoring of the network;

  • It is cost-saving; the report showed that it increases business productivity;

  • Its advanced automation leads to best practices through policy-driven deployment;

  • It provides more reliability and security to the network thanks to its centralised management and its configurations;

  • Following the trend of companies adopting hybrid cloud strategies, it enables IPv6 and cloud deployment.

In other words, SOLIDserver addresses security, reliability and stability, delivered with end-to-end automation. It is worth noting that it is possible to request a free trial of this DDI appliance in order to experience its benefits and understand how it can support your business IT initiatives. With more and more competition on the market, performance, reliability, scalability of the network has become key strategic assets.