Discover the treasures of the Loire Valley

What if you were told that, less than an hour from Paris, you can live the castle life? The  French region of Loire is an area known for having many castles, all open to visitors. Among these splendid buildings, the castle of Cheverny is certainly one of the most renowned, but also one of the most visited.


Cheverny was one of the first castle in the area to open its doors to tourists in 1922. The places are still inhabited by the same family for six centuries now. The owners make every effort to ensure that the premises remain intact and retain their authenticity.

Cheverny's secrets are within reach

By entering Cheverny, you will have the opportunity to discover the lifestyle of the French bourgeoisie of the time. Many surprises await you in this incredible castle. During these few hours of sightseeing, you will feel like you are living in a different era and making a real leap in time! By visiting the different rooms and apartments of the castle, you will learn a lot about the French art of living. This place is full of surprises and you will not cease to make discoveries as you progress along your way. After the inside of the castle, enjoy the outdoor facilities, and the sumptuous gardens of the building. You are sure to take your eyes with the luxuriant vegetation that adorns the different parks and gardens. Small and large, no one will remain indifferent to the charm of the place.


And why not take a walk through the kennel during your visit to the Loire valley castle? This is one of the favorite places of visitors, especially children! With nearly a hundred dogs, the kennel is accessible to all visitors at any time. It is a great way to spend a friendly time with the kids.


Enjoy the incredible exhibition dedicated to Tintin


For those who do not know, Hergé was inspired by Cheverny to create that of Moulinsart. It is therefore natural that it is here that the permanent exhibition of Tintin is held. Opened at the beginning of the year, it is one of the must-see sites during your visit to the Loire Valley castle. In all, there are seven hundred square meters dedicated to Tintin, Milou, Tournesol and Haddock waiting for you! With that, it's a safe return to childhood! Cheverny Castle also has two restaurants, Le Café de L'Orangerie and La Salle des Trophées. If you prefer to eat outdoors and enjoy a picnic, you will be able to do so, as spaces are specially dedicated to this.